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Demeter – Biodynamic wines

The Demeter label is an independent and international label that certifies agricultural and viticultural farming establishments.
Biodynamic agriculture is 100% organic.
The Demeter label is the strictest and most demanding of the organic label certifications.
Biodynamic philosophy leans towards homeopathic practice and seeks to strengthen the plants natural defences.
Respecting the lunar calendar and using herbal teas to treat vines are examples of biodynamic practice.

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La Lune- vines cultivated without the use of chemical products

The vines are cultivated respecting lunar rhythms and treated naturally, without being Demeter certified.

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Vinatura – integrated production

The Vinatura label is an eco-friendly label but not a biological one. Viticultural techniques are based on the most recent research, and favour the protection of the environment.
VINATURA is a registered trademark of VITISWISS, the Swiss Federation for Environmentally Friendly production in Viticulture.

This neutral and independent tasting panel and oenological analysis report guarantees a quality label and respect for the characteristics of the terroir and the grape variety.

VITISWISS guidelines notably encourage:

  • Maintaining soil fertility and water quality by limiting the use of auxiliary substances.
  • Cultivation of grape varieties adapted to the soil and the climate, in order to obtain the best quality of the grapes and to reduce the number of interventions.
  • Ground cover (grass, compost, straw, …) as it provides a habitat for numerous beneficial organisms and helps to avoid erosion, thus ensuring the sustainability of the vineyard.
Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon