Mont de Vaux, a perfectly exposed terrace above the town of Morges, was formed on a very stony alpine moraine which gives the wine a virile ,mineral structure of great boldness. The powerful and complex aromas have a depth rarely reached in a Chasselas.
It is a great joy to see the true personality of this beautiful terroir reveal itself a little more each year.
The vines are cultivated respecting lunar rhythms, receive only natural treatments and the use of chemical products are forbidden. Leaf thinning and harvesting are carried out manually and harvests are strictly limited. In order to preserve these qualities, the wine is bottled without filtration which could create a noble and natural sediment.

EN (New)


Grape Variety Chasselas
Vine training system Guyot simple form
Planting density 6000 plants / ha
Age of vines 30 years
Targeted yield 800 – 900 gr/ m2
Vine growing Biodynamic since 2002
Pruning, disbudding, leaf thinning and harvesting are carried out by hand
Weed management Mechanical weeding in between the vines

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Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon