Raissennaz is a chalky soil loving vine; found on non chalky deeper layers, which come from the glacial moraine preventing erosion by driving rain.
This terroir has a slope varying between 10-15%. It is oriented west, southwest and at an altitude between 450 and 500 meters.
The Raissennaz terroir is exceptional and is the pride of our family. It consists of a triptych that is marvellous in the expression of Pinot Noir: The presence of calcium in the subsoil gives the grape variety its elegance. The fine clay enriches its silkiness. Its western exposure guarantees a rather fresh but temperate climate conducive to expressing all of the qualities this grape variety has to offer. All of the above contributes to giving this Great Growth a masterful depth of fruit, a dense, fleshy silkiness creating a legendary elegance. This terroir offers one of the most beautiful expressions of Pinot Noir in Switzerland.

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Grape Variety Pinot noir
Vine training system Guyot simple form
Planting density 7500 plants / ha
Age of vines Between 19 and 40 years
Target yield Never exceeds 35hl / ha
Vine growing Biodynamic since 1999
Pruning, disbudding, leaf thinning and harvesting are carried out by hand
Weed management Mechanical weeding in between the vines
Clones Burgundian , Oberlin and Cortaillot clones for the older vines and Servagnin clones for the younger vines

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Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon