Raissennaz is made from our oldest Pinot Noir vines. Planted in 1972, the vineyard is situated at the back of a small hillside, not facing Lake Geneva, which allows the grapes to ripen more slowly and delicately. Complex, dense, silky, spicy and fruity, it is a wine of great sensuality, always the finest and most elegant of our Pinot Noirs.

The Raissennaz vineyard has been farmed biodynamically since 1999. It produces a natural yield of 300g/m2. The Raissennaz terroir is thinned out and harvested by hand.

The grapes are fermented for 6 days in whole bunches with indigenous yeast, followed by 10 days in destemmed, unpressed grapes. After pressing, Raissennaz is aged for 18 months in tuns.

Price: bottle of 75cl : 38.00 CHF  (5.06 CHF/100ml)

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75cl 2022

Grape variety

Pinot Noir

When to Drink

3-6 years and more

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Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon
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