The enclosed vineyard is something of rare beauty.

The enclosed vineyard, similar to a steep amphitheater is set at the foot of the small village, Monnaz and faces the spectacular Vufflens castle. Its southern exposure shelters the vines from the cold winds from the north and ensures constant and beautiful maturity of the grapes. The terroir here is made up of banks of sandstone molasse organised in successive layers like a staircase. A heavy, clayey top soil has formed between the two layers. This molasse-clay duality gives the wine a mineral type character with a solid structure. It is a warm, tender, rather introverted wine and requires patience and time to fully flourish. When it has passed its youth, it is then that its real personality is revealed.

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Grape variety Chasselas
Vine training system Guyot simpl form
Planting density 5600 plants/ha
Age of vines 35 years
Yield 900 gr / m²
Vine growing Biodynamic since 2016
Pruning, disbudding, leaf thinning and harvesting are carried out by hand
Weed management Mechanical weeding in between the vines

Le vin

Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon