Le Chapitre, facing south-east enjoys the first rays of the sun. Coming from compact glacial moraines the soil is light and its filtering structure allows deep rooting, ideal for a powerful expression of this terroir.

To further enhance its personality, the vines are cultivated bio-dynamically, respecting lunar rhythms and treated naturally. Leaf thinning and harvesting are manual and crops are strictly limited.
A finely chiselled, sleek, mineral style Chasselas with freshness and a saline finish.

EN (New)


Grape variety: Chasselas
Vine training system: Guyot simple form
Planting density: 7500 plants / ha
Age of vines: 30 years
Targeted yield: 600 gr/ m²
Vine growing: Biodynamic since 2000, certified Demeter
Pruning, disbudding, leaf thinning and harvesting are carried out by hand
Weed management: Mechanical weeding in between the vines

Le vin

Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon
Henri Cruchon